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I Already Told You That

This is a podcast about music and each week Melissa brings a new artist...or it should be said, a new artist to Bryan. The funny thing is, this music shouldn’t be new as it’s been playing in their house for over twenty years. Join us for a nostalgic trip through alt music of the 70s, 80s, 90s and more and to see if she can make it stick for real this time. Each episode comes with a bonus music mix of the featured artist so you can listen along.

May 18, 2021

It's U2 week! Strap in, this is a little epic. Melissa takes Bryan and all of us through her fanatical journey into the U2. But she is not alone, Melissa has invited two friends who also share her love of the band and tell us a little something about why they love U2 so much. But, don't worry even though U2 is a mega huge world renown band Bryan still does not know many of these always please listen to the mix of your choice below. 

U2 Mix - YouTube Music / Spotify

Thanks to our special guest!

Keith Ulrey - Microgroove Record Store / New Granada Records / Pohgoh

Dan Rosen - May Family Reunion